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Tasks of the Office of the General Secretary

To ensure chamber studies to be carried out in line with the standarts appropriate to the general policies and relevant legislation.

To arrange and coordinate administrative work, internal and editorial studies of the chamber.
To ensure the complete fulfillment of the duties assigned by the Board and the Assembly of the Chamber.
To ensure collection and standartization of the data that will be basis for the preparation of documents given or to be given by the Chamber.

To organize the preparations for the meeting agendas of the Organ, to ensure timely sending of the invitations and agenda of the meeting to the members, to prepare minutes and decision summaries, participant lists and attendance sheets of these meetings, to ensure keeping meeting decision books, decision summaries and saved digital records.

To follow the decisions taken by bodies, to referr to the relevant departments, to ensure the finalization and timely fulfillment.

To prepare drafts of the Chamber Internal Directive and Allowance Directive and submit to the Board.
To coordinate preparation of annual reports to be issued on the activities and commercial and industrial status of the region which will be prepared by the Board to be submitted to the Assembly.

To ensure weekly and monthly financial information to be ready for submission to the Board and the Assembly of the Chamber and to submit them. To organize budget studies and to ensure their implementation within the determined period.

To manage media organs and press activities, to ensure publication of the periodicals within the predetermined periods.

To ensure information flow and evaluation between Chamber organs and the Board and the staff.

To coordinate and audit studies to be made for ensuring timely delivery of the information and opinions requested by other instutions and organizations. To submit the topics which requires to be referred to the Board to the information of the Board.

To work in coordination with relevant bodies and organizations during execution of chamber activities.
To represent the Chamber and the Board before the members and corporations, to develop good relations with the members and public/private organizations.

In line with the changing circumstances,to determined new staff requirement of the chamber,to make examinations and evaluations in accordance to the proposals of the executives related to procedures such transfer, promotion, reward, punishment and dismissal of the staff employed in various levels of the organization in appropriate to the approved cadres and staff policies and to submit these to the Board. To prepare registration reports of the staff
To follow and coordinate the activities required to be done in accordance with the policies, strategies and activities of the chamber, to carry out secretariat services of the common formations.

To ensure coordination and integration between the connected units.

To ensure determination and satisfaction of training needs for professional and technical development of chamber staff. To organize motivation activities at regular intervals.

To coordinate studies related with Quality Management and Accreditation System, to ensure the fulfillment of obligations by the relevant people, to monitor and evaluate the results.

To ensure making researches for determining member requirements and expectations, to evaluate the results of these researches and to submit for the information of the Board.

To ensure monitoring of changes and innovations occurring in legal regulations, national and international standards and to inform the related staff and members.

To monitor developments and innovations towards economic, politic and social life which may have a direct or indirect impact on the activities of the Chamber,to make exhibition organizations, to monitor organizationd and to provide member participation, to ensure required measures to taken with the approval of the Board.

To receive the request forms submitted by the responsible officials of the departments requiring procurement and to realize procurement operation.

To follow the European Union projects, to ensure members to utilize these projects.

To make active studies in collaboration with chambers operating in the European Union and to establish active connections.