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The Board of the Chamber consists of five people in the chambers having less than twenty members; seven people in the chambers having minimum twenty and maximum twenty nine members; nine in chambers having minimum thirty and maximum thirthy nine members; eleven people in chambers having forty and more members elected for for four years. The Executive Board of Tokay Chamber of Commerce & Industry consists of 11 members including one chairman, two vice presidents, one treasurer and 7 board members.

The Assembly elects Chairman of the Executive Board, full and alternate members in a single list among its own members. Executive Board elects one or two vice-presidents and a treasurer for four years among its members.

Those who was in charge of the Chairman of the Board consecutively two-terms cannot be elected for the same position unless two election period passes.

Chairman and members of the Executive Board of a chamber cannot be assigned in the assembly of any other chamber or stock exchange.

The meeting agenda is determined by the president or authorized vice president in his absence. Besides, a new item is added to the agenda until the start of the meeting at least with the application of one third of the board members

Duties of the Board of the Chamber are as follows:

  • To carry out chamber operations within the framework of legislation and assembly decisions.
  • To submit budget, final account and transfer proposals and related reports to the chamber assembly.
  • To submit monthly account report to the approval of the chamber assembly for examination and approval.
  • To decide on employment, dismissal, promotion and transfer of chamber staff.
  • To decide on investigation by the disciplinary committee and to ensure enforcement of disciplinary and financial penalties given in accordance with this Law.
  • To prepare arbitrator, expert witness and expert lists and submit to the assembly for approval.
  • To approve documents presumed in this law and the relevant legislation.
  • To prepare annual report on the annual activities of the chamber and economic and industrial status of the region and submit the report to the assembly.
  • To prepare and submit internal guidelines to the assembly.
  • To make all kinds of analysis related with commerce and industry,to keep indices and statistics related with the commercial and industrial activities within the area of work and to follow and save market prices of the materials determined by the assembly and to announce these through appropriate ways.
  • To make a decision on the disciplinary affairs of the chamber staff under the framework of principles and procedures presumed in this Law and relevant legislation.
  • To reward members who pays tax at a high level, makes exports, develops the technology.
  • To support and encourage social activities, to make donations and aids, to give scholarship, to build school and classrooms with the approval of the assembly provided that it has provision in the budget.
  • To select the arbitrator or the arbitral tribunal.
  • To carry out duties given to chambers with this law and other legislation and not left to any other organ specially.