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Tasks of Domestic Trade Service

To organize and keep registation files of the members, to enter in the books in due form by following and determining the changes in the states of the members.

To regularly update the information about the members.

To provide the determination of the adresses of the members who cannot be found in their addresses upon investigation.

To complete all kinds of preparation works for grouping and completion of the members, to realize required operations in accordance to the decisions taken by the Board in this issue.

To make the determination of the members whose records need to be deleted or whose debts required to be cancelled.

To prepare documents to be submitted to public and private instutions including commercial information of real/legal entities.

To determine whether there is ban in professional activity in accordance to the regulation included in article 10, paragraph (g) of Public Procurement Law No 4734.

To determine that there is a domestic bidder in accordance with regulations issued by the article 53 of Public Procurement Act No 4734.

To make the determination for learning whether banned from public biddings or not.

To enable access to the registration information of the members who apply for bank loans to the banks having a contact with the chamber.

To make the determination of the commercial status of the member.

To make the confirmation of the signatures in accordance to the request of the members.

To inform partnership and registration status of the members to the Social Security Institution.

To issue an identity card in order to increase commercial activities of our Chamber and solidarity between our members.

To inform the members about the changing conditions of the insurance profession.

To prepare the documents showing the production capacity of the members.

To perform market research required by public and private institutions.

To prepare licenses of duty vehicle owners who are/not registered to the Chamber.

To keep records for employees, apprentices and journeymen employed by the members.

To prepare the documents given to the non-members of the Chamber.

To prepare lists of membership fees and additional fees.

To provide notifications to the members for the collection of member fees and to provide reconciliation with them.

To determine members who left trade, not found in their adress and whose statuses cannot be determined in accordance Turkish Commercial Code and Law No. 5174 and submission to the office of the Secratary General.