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Capacity Report; It is document issued as a result of scientific determination of annual production capacity with the available machinery and labor force of all public and private institutions operating in industrial production, industrial service and construction sector based on specific criteria. The period of validity of the report is for 2 years.

Products and machine and consumption items included in capacity reports are classified according to the coding classification determined by TurkStat and TOBB. PRODTR 2010 system is used for encoding the products and CPA 2008 classification system is used for encoding machinery and consumption items.

It is required to be a member of Tokat Chamber of Commerce & Industryin order to apply to the capacity report. Applications for capacity report by our members who don't inform our Chamber about their office address changes are not accepted.

Click hereto download the Capacity report application form.

Annex 1 Click hereto download sample blank form of the list of machinery and equipment owned by the company.

Annex 2 Click hereto download sample blank form of the list of machinery and equipment rented-leased.

For more Information and Communication: Mustafa Erdi ATILGAN/Research and Studies Officer/ 0(356) 2141033-Dahili:1115

Which legislation make Capacity Report Arrangement obligatory? 

  • Industry Registration Law No. 6948
  • TOBB Law No. 5174
  • TOBB Proceedings Regulation
  • Import and Export Regulations
  • Communiqué on Investment Incentives
  • Decree Law no 560 on Production and Consumption and Supervision of Food and Regulations

In which Areas do the Capacity Report is used?

  • Investment Incentive Certificate,
  • Inward Processing Permits,
  • During applications for Temporary Acceptance Allowance Certificate and in the closing stages of the commitments under these documents,
  • For the application to the Industry Registration Certificate required for electricity and natural gas procurement at a discounted rate and as a legal requirement.
  • In various import and export transactions,
  • In public and private tenders,
  • In domestic and international supply of credit,
  • In participation to domestic and foreign exhibitions,
  • For the provision of raw materials which are assigned or implemented import tariff quotas
  • In the retrieval of the manufacturer certificate,
  • In tax examinations,
  • It is necessary for various purposes of the public and shed light on the mobilization plans and programs and for industrial inventory conducting studies of the country.

What are the sectors in Which Capacity Report is Issued?

  • Food Industry (food enterprises engaged in industrial production)
  • Yarn Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Knitting Industry
  • Garment Industry
  • Painting, finishing and printing Industry
  • Jute and asbestos Industry
  • Carpet and mat industry
  • Casting Industry
  •  Metal Goods Industry
  • Industry of Goods Produced from Miscellaneous Wires in Hot and Cold State
  • Miscellaneous Metal Industry
  • Installation & Repair, Maintenance Workshops
  • Electrical Material Production, Electrical Equipment Installation, Repair Shops
  •  Coatings Industry
  • Plumbers and Scientific Plumbers
  • Wood Furniture Industry
  • Earth Goods Industry
  • Quarrying and mineral extraction Industry
  • Glass and Porcelain Industry
  • Paper and cardboard Goods Industry
  • Printing and Binding Industry
  •  Chemical Industry
  • Industry of Soap and Cleaning Supplies
  • Plastic Goods Industry
  • Rubber Goods Industry
  • Leather Goods Industry
  • Film and Photography Industry
  • Prosthetic and Orthopedics Industry
  • Leather Salting and Assortment Works
  • Software Companies

What are the Reasons Requiring Renewal of the Capacity Report

  • Deadline,
  • Address changes,
  • Changes in capacity data.

What are the Reasons Requiring Cancellation of the Capacity Report

  • Transfer of the facility to another company, partial or complete rental or taking back.
  • Determination of a change that may have an impact on capacity in machinery and equipment capacity as a result of changing workplace, (in this case the previous capacity report is canceled and the new one is issued.)
  • The company loses the characteristics of industrialism (determination by Tokat Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the company quits production or workplace is permanently closed.)
  • The termination or bankruptcy of the organization,
  • Decease of the company owner in unlimited companies, change of the company's field of activity or transfer of the workplace to another province and/or to issue a new capacity report by registering to another Chamber,
  • Detoriation of machine and equipment due to natural disasters and determination of the situation that it cannot operate for a long duration.
  • The expiry of the validity period.