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Ballıca Cave, which is one of the biggest examples of the mysterious forces of the nature, is located at the 8th km of the road going from Pazar District to the peak of Akdağ Mountain. It is 680 meters long, 94 meters high. There are stalactites, stalagmites, columns, walls and mesh stalactite, Cave roses and needles, stalactite pools and onion stalactites in the cave. Thus it is accepted as one of the most beautiful and richest caves of the world in terms of the formation. Its visitors are fascinated with these formations. Visitors become surprised after learning that the areas of the cave which are closed for visits are larger than the areas open for visit. Another fascinating fact on the cave is that the temperature stays at around 18-18 C degree throughout winter and summer periods. Next to the entrance of the cave with an altitude of 1080 meters above sea level, Governorship has built a wooden cafeteria and recreation facilities, entirely in harmony with nature. Buttermilk (ayran-laban) and food with cottage cheese served in this facility makes the people more than happy.